The beautiful design pieces, designed by Davide Conti and produced by Oltre Design are based on strong and clear concepts: semplicity, basic lines and accuracy. Sophisticated design, high quality materials decorated with unique textures or handmade painting. Totally handmade in every single detail and protected by several layers of anti-scratched resin. Be astonished by their minimalism and their momentary but effective illusion that strenghten and emphasize the strong lines. In 2010 “Magica” and “Magica2" won the third edition of the “Furniture Design Competition” international contest, published by Design Quest. The “Magica” chairs are entirely made in coloured and clear methacrylate (plexiglas), which enhances their identity and reinforces their spirit, designed by strenght and timeless elegance. Choose the classic design made in black and white methacrylate (plexiglas) and resin or create your unique design piece choosing among our collections or requesting a customised chairs. In detail: Material: wood, acrylic color, natural and metallic pigments, silver leaves, invisible resin Pattern: Circle & square in aged gold col.1030 Size: L 45 cm x D 49 cm x H 90 cm Other dimension available on request.

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