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forme, by oltredesign is an incredible furniture collection that combine luxurious materials and resin details uniting a shared heritage of acient craftsmanship techniques.

by oltredesign™ is an incredible furniture collection that combine luxurious materials and resin details uniting a shared heritage of acient craftsmanship techniques.

oltredesign™ is a pioneer in the use of liquid and spayable metals, limestone and resin to create bespoke finishes for architectural surfaces, furniture and artworks.

WET ART™ is created thanks to a revolutionary process divided in seven steps between the decoration and the waterproof protection. This system required three years of research to develop a patented formula combining the various components that would produce a stable and resistant solution. Thanks to an unique production method, oltredesign™  brings to life an unique collection of a line of incredible objects, peculiar from both the aesthetic and production point of view.

Contemporary and traditional designs are combined toghether to create ageless shape. Natural pigments and precious metals are mixed to create an unforgettable tactile and visual impact.

oltredesign™ creates unique, refined, fresh, furnishings that are the fruit of the best traditions of upholsterers, cabinet-makers, decorators, carves and carpenters. The evolution of this line combines masterful craftsmanship with contemporary design. Tables, coffee tables, mirrors and a lot more.

oltredesign™ works in strict contact with international architects, designers and artists from its warehouse in the center of Milan.

Projects have been realized for luxury private estates, hotel and fashion companies in Europe,  Asia, Russia, the US and the Middle East.

Once again, Art takes shape creating unique pieces of design.

The core is wood, softened, rounded and waving. The raw material is plaster with which texture, casts, inlay and bass relief is created. Colour is then added, using gold, silver and copper leaf. The pigments and polishes then bring the surface to life, bewildering the senses of those who see and touch.
This process creates cabinet, tables, consoles and empty picture frames often suspended on walls with a sense of weightlessness.

At times the base material is a simple cloth, stretched on a structure of wood and iron. Once worked, it takes on the appearance of leather, metal plate or something one needs to touch to understand. These become 'boiserie', canvasses, tapestries or enormous sliding doors.

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forme, by oltredesign™...

We design

Following the last trends, unique furniture made with resin (table, coffee table, mirrors etc.) to make your house your home

We produce

Incomparable creations that are the result of quality pursued with determination, through rigorous controls performed during the entire processing cycle.

…You enjoy!

Be amazed by the beauty of their lines and be cherished by their comfort.

Our Collections

formeemotionaltexture by oltredesign is an incredible collection of handmade furniture where smooth shape and rough texture are combined together giving life to unique piece of art.

Our Collections

Custom Design

In addition to more than 50 themed collections and more than 30 different furniture designs it is possible to create unique art-furniture requesting a customise work.

Special Request

We are able to work and customise specific surface supplied directly from the client (i.e. doors, horizontal surfaces, furniture’s shutters, etc.)

Special Request
Handmade... with Love.