What we do

visioni by oltredesign™ is the first declination of WET ART™, the patent panding surface covering solution to bring art everywhere.

The artistic panels are created by international artists with natural pigments, precious dust, silver, gold and copper leaves, acrylic colours, and they’re coated with anti UV special resins.

Every piece is designed by understanding the client’s needs to transform space in sensation.

In addition to the 18 collections and 250 designs, the most exigent clients can have completely custom made panels to bring their ideas to life without compromise, working side by side with the artists.

Enchant the eyes and the touch with brush strokes and high/low relief.
Have you ever dreamt about having a shower in a blue cloud covered with diamond dust?

visioni by oltredesign™ is not just beautiful but also functional.

visioni by oltredesign™ are waterproof, UV resistant and anti-scratch, therefore can be used for shower walls, sliding doors, kitchen backsplashes, indoor or outdoor walls, steam rooms or ceilings.
Being extremely light, resistant and easy to cut, the Artistic Panels are the perfect solution for any type of installation. The result is a high quality product only 4mm thick that can cover any surface, no matter the size (panel’s dimension is 3 x 2,5 m), without visible joints.


WET ART™ by oltredesign is a innovative product for applying large-format non-repeating handmade decorative panels in wet and damp enviroments such as showers, bathroom, spas etc.

WET ART™ is created thanks to a revolutionary process divided in seven steps between the decoration and the waterproof protection. This system required three years of research to develop a patented formula combining the various components that would produce a stable and resistant solution.

Since now on real painting can be installed in environments where tiles or other uniform surfaces are more typical, offering an innovative and certificated waterproof solution to transform the character of the interior.

WET ART™ currently has a patent pending for its unique combination of a handmade decorated surface with a technical waterproof coating.

In addition to its waterproof and humidity resistant features, WET ART™ main goal is the seamless look, impossible to recreate with the most common products in the market. The large-format non repeating decoration/painting will transform the entire wall into a statement work.

Through ongoing collaborations with leading artists and designers, WET ART™ has reached 18 themed collections and more than 600 designs. Every  artwork is enriched by precious dusts, silver gold and copper leaves and precious handmade details. Every collection was designed after a deep research to create non-intrusive pattern that can be blended in every type of interior decoration and to suit a variety of tastes. The most demanding clients can request a custom design allowing spaces to be even more personalised.

oltredesign innovative approach is the “custom-made“ production. The client will be able to work side-by-side with international artists to create his unique artwall. In spite of other companies in the market, oltredesign is the only producer that works every product with an total handmade process. Without the use of prints, it is possible to customise surfaces of every dimension without problem of loss of quality and evident pixel. Thanks to its production method the artwork will be an integral part of the interior decoration with a great added value and a high visual effect and not just a decorative element that you add at the end. 

WET ART™ is not just beautiful but also functional. It meets the strict guidelines for product suitable for wet or damp areas in addition to other technical features that make it resistant to liquids and cleaning products, uv and chlorine resistant, anti-scratch. Every piece will be tested and inspected in every single detail before its delivery. This allow oltredesign to mantain the most high possible standard in terms of quality.

One of the key benefits of WET ART™ is that it can be applied straight onto existing surfaces such as ceramic tiles, plasterboard, walls and flooring, PVC, glass etc. This process reduces material wastage and chaos when redecorating, as the original surface can be left intact. You just need to spread over the wall a layer of a protective primer to create a smooth base and an adhesive to hold the decorative panels in place. You do not to worry about anything else.

WET ART™ represents the latest step in oltredesign’s desire to bring innovative solution for interiors and architectural projects allowing designers to create spaces that are unique without fear of compromising on functionality.

Handmade... with Love.