flussi flooring by oltredesign™ are available in a variety of surface finishes and types of resin to provide different aesthetic. Invisible or glass effect. Glossy or matte. The resin used will depend on the performance requirements of your projects.

Every artistic surface is protected and full waterproofed by manually applying epoxy resin.

Using the best supplier in the market, Gobbetto our main sponsor, we able to ensure exstraordinary results thanks to a outstanding resin 100% UV resistant and waterproof.

Have a look at the infinite possibilities.

Glass Resin

1 or 2mm thick and clear as water, it will remind you a glass surface. This bi-component epoxy resin will donate to your flooring a precious look. Enjoy the feeling.

Glass Resin

Invisible Resin

Perfect if you want to protect and waterproof the artwork without any visible touch. Walk on the brush-strokes or on the textures and be amazed.

Handmade... with Love.