Be inspired. Be unique. Be innovative.

Our strenght is the uniqueness of every piece.

Involving the client in every step of the way, the customer would be able to choose every details of his/her future piece of art.

Based on initial discussion the artist prepares some sketches which are sent to costumers for their agreement. Once the content and the composition, as well as the size and style, of the art panel are agreed the real work could start.

Every artwork is handmade realised thanks to the skills of international artists. The decorative panel is enriched by precious dusts, silver gold and copper leaves and precious handmade details.

oltredesign™  offers a limitless variety of collections and designs to meet every needs. Every collection was designed after a deep research to create non-intrusive pattern that can be blended in every type of interior decoration and to suit a variety of tastes. 

The most demanding clients can request a custom design allowing spaces to be even more personalised.

Bring your ideas to life without compromise.

Our vision is the future.

design™ is proud to collaborate with a leading company in the colors’ market.

We have one goal: to enhance life with color while respecting the world we live in.

We believe in the power of harmonic thought. In the idea that color and matter are fundamental instruments in making our surroundings more beautiful, and in transforming the environment in which each of us continues to exist.

Every day we search for new finishes, innovative solutions, and unique, creative paths.

And we do it according to our principles of responsible production and environmental sustainability, inspired by the concept of color sensitive to art, to mankind, to history, to the environment.

For us, research means technological development and scientific progress, but also the ability to marry the old with the new, recovering tradition while moving towards the future.

Research at Oikos is not just a slogan – it means having the most advanced laboratories, studying the latest technologies, implementing continuous experimentation.

We don’t limit ourselves to pretty phrases. Sustainability begins in our factory, and in each one of our products. We utilize production plants that don’t pollute, work cycles that optimize energy consumption. 
And that’s not all. We reuse water: we purify “dirty” water generated during the production of paint substances, and we reuse them to clean machinery and in other productions.

Handmade... with Love.