visioni by oltredesign™ is designed to cover or backlit any type of surface (flat or curved) as an alternative to classic tiles, mosaics, wallpapers to create unique interior design.

Every piece is created by understanding the client’s brief to transform space in sensation. Every artwork, realized by hand with acrylic colors and natural pigments, will be every time different from the others.

In addition to the 18 collections and more than 250 designs, the most exigent clients can have completely custom made panels to bring their ideas to life without compromise, working side by side with the artists.
Not enough? Choose a design between our authors' collections and transform your house in an art gallery.

Uniqueness, our main goal, will allow us to bring in your home a unique piece of art.
Enchant the eyes and the touch with brush strokes and high/low relief.
Have you ever dreamt about having a shower in a blue cloud covered with diamond dust?

Standard Collections

We can offer you more than 250 designs chosen to meet all the tastes and needs. Please click on the images on the right to discover our 18 standard collections.

Standard Collections

Authors' Collections

oltredesign™ acquires the rights and licenses from artists with the intent to create unique and limited edition artworks and using innovative techiques interprets the pieces of art in unexpected ways.

From now on real pieces of art with important artistic background could be admired everywhere!

Custom Requests

In addition to more than 18 themed collections and more than 250 different designs it is possible to create unique art works requesting a customised work.

Custom Requests
Handmade... with Love.