The brand

oltredesign™ develops and manufactures innovative artistic panels and resin solutions, unique furniture and resin floors for architects and designers to enhance spaces with light, colour, texture and shapes.

WET ART™ is the patent panding surface covering (wall and flooring) for bathroom, showers and any type of ambience in contact with water, humidity and uv ray.

With over seven years of artistic experience, oltredesign™ has been a pioneer in the industry, creating products to meet all our clients needs. 

We understand the daily challenge of architects and designers to createinterior environments that are functional and beautiful.

Each artwork is hand crafted using organic material, acrylic colours and precious metal pigments, creating one of a kind unique piece of art.

oltredesign™ was founded to let art leave its frames and allow people to dive into breaking existing limits.

oltredesign™ produces visioniforme and flussi in Milan with 100% italian materials and distributes them worldwide.


Handmade... with Love.